Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Collector's Edition Poster Giveaway!

On December 13th, we'll release our last episode of 2010 at which point the crew of Space Hospital will go into deep space hibernation, popping up again in March to continue its journey through the dark nebula and beyond.

To celebrate this mid-point, artist/actor/provacateur Brett A. Snodgrass has created a beautiful limited-edition, archival-quality Season 2 poster (measuring 13"x20"), and we have four signed copies to give away to our viewers.

To enter to win, do at least one of the following:
1) Embed this week's episode on your blog/website and provide us the link in the comment section below or
2) Tell us what you think human space travel will look like in 100 years, commenting here or on the giveaway post on our Facebook page or
3) Send us a shout-out on twitter (@spacehospital) with the hash-tag #retrofuturerocks

One entry per person, per medium (you can enter once on the blog, once on Facebook and once on Twitter), and submissions must be received by Monday, December 13th at midnight PST. Participants names will be tossed into a proverbial hat and four names will be drawn by Lovable Robot. Winners will be announced by Wednesday the 15th. If you enter on the blog, please check back here on Wednesday where winners will be posted. We will ship anywhere in the world that regular mail is delivered!

Thanks for playing and, more importantly, thanks for watching!


  1. I don't think it's far-fetched that in 100 years we'll be teleporting back and forth between places in the universe. We won't need vehicles anymore to send us places -- we'll zip around as fast as we send online files now. Good way to limit our carbon footprint, too.

    John Franklin

  2. In 100 years, we'll have large, giant tubes for humans to fit through to send them quick to their destination. Futurama has taught me well on speculation of what the future can hold! Also, all hail the hypnotoad.