Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great news, Space Hospitalians! We’re pleased to announce Space Hospital’s partnership with Koldcast TV, the premier online destination, delivering on-demand programming in full-screen, high-definition to audiences in 138 countries.

You’ll get a weekly dose of bad medicine over the next 4 months, starting Monday, with ...
a never-before-seen version of Season I that will feature director’s cuts and new footage. Love us, hate us, have no idea what’s going on? Let us know. You know where to find us. Right here at the Main Desk where the Hospital Central Computer forces us to work 72 hour shifts.

A final note: we’ll provide details soon on where you can find Space Hospital on iTunes and Tivo. Until then, if you have an RSS Reader, you can subscribe to our feed on Koldcast. It’s like DVR for web content. We’ll always be sitting there, waiting for you.

Thanks for watching!