Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Came From SPACE!

The poster for Season 2 was created by Brett Snodgrass, a modern-day Renaissance man who designs, draws, paints, builds, writes, directs, acts (he makes his official Space Hospital debut this season as Dr. Larry) and now podcasts, too.  Space Hospital co-creator Robert Poe suggested the classic pulp/sci-fi pose of the buxom wench languishing in a monster/alien's arms.  Brett took the inspiration and ran with it, saying, "I thought it would be a perfect image for the season, enhancing the retro melodrama - thrills and chills, and all that."

His primary reference was the poster for "Invaders From Mars" circa 1953. 

But he was inspired by pulp covers from the '60s and 70s, too, setting out to emulate the cut-and-paste style and often awkward poses as in this 1971 cover of Weird.


  1. So gorgeous. Yeah, I'd love to own a real copy of this.